10 Things your House Cleaners needs to know

House Cleaners

House Cleaners

House Cleaners in London are easily available via domestic cleaning companies. House Cleaners need to have the appropriate information regarding cleaning needs around the house. This is because they are responsible for various cleaning tasks in the home. This however does not mean that you should always let them have a mastery over your house during cleaning. You need to offer instructions on how you like your tasks around the house handled. In this manner, you will receive service level that is acceptable to you. As you have the same cleaner coming to carry out your house cleaning, the same routine will be followed.

What your House Cleaners needs to know

Things your House Cleaners in London should know include:

  • Let your House Cleaners know that you prefer the use of eco cleaning agents for house cleaning services. You can go further to specify your displeasure in the use of synthetic cleaning agents. In this manner, they will avoid the use of synthetic cleaners while cleaning
  • Mention to your House Cleaners that you like your home left dry after cleaning. This includes drying up the washroom area as well as other regions around the home after completing cleaning. They will avoid leaving wet environments around the house after cleaning
  • Inform the cleaner that you prefer to have no soap used in floor cleaning since it makes the floor slippery when wet. Refer the cleaner to the best cleaning agent you prefer to be used on the floor during cleaning
  • Specify the correct amount of cleaning agents that you want used during cleaning. Let your cleaners know that you do not encourage the use of excess amounts of cleaning agents during cleaning, since it is wastage and leaves traces of cleaning agents behind
  • You should let your House Cleaners London know that you want all electric machines to be switched off immediately after use. Discourage them from leaving the machines running when not in use
  • You should instruct your House Cleaners on the items you prefer hand washed from those that can be machine-washed. In this manner, all fabric items will be washed as you please
  • Since your house cleaner will be carrying out ironing services, remind them of the clothes you do not want ironed directly. Instruct them on the indirect ironing procedure that you would like the cleaner to use while ironing heat sensitive fabrics
  • Instruct the house cleaner to ensure that all electrical appliances need to be left clean. This includes the washing machine, the microwave, and others. All the appliances should be cleaned using the right cleaning procedure
  • Let the house cleaner know that she should leave all the shoes clean. When carrying out laundry, they should also ensure that all the dirty and dusty shoes are cleaned
  • Instruct the cleaner to carry our polite carpet vacuuming for regular cleaning. This will prevent awakening of loose dirt to scatter in the air around the house only to settle later. You should also inform the cleaner how often you would like the carpet to be shampooed. This will help them keep a proper schedule on the cleaning routine needed in the house. Click here for additional info

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